An analysis of the macons logo on the accidental tourist books

The Accidental Tourist

Julian asks Macon how he can get Rose back. It is his apparent calm that drives her away. He finds that he enjoys sex with Muriel, as well as shopping with, playing with, and teaching Alexander.

But the fact was, she was his best friend. What is the significance of the title. She was embedded in his life. What more was there to do. Even as simple a thing as a trip to the hardware store might result in their getting lost for hours. Was there anyway he could learn to do things differently.

Muriel has a son, Alexander, who is seven years old and sickly. Separated, demagnetized somehow, they wandered wildly off course" 9. Macon and Sarah met at a high school dance, and ever since then Macon had been frozen into the same person he was when he first met her. He supposed he might be mad at himself.

In fact, more than one outside had accused them of altering the rules to suit the circumstances" 73 Bonus: New York; Ballantine, She does not realize that he can only endure the anguish by muffling his emotions.

What happens when the zip on his carry-on bag gives way.

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Muriel works wonders with Edward, but when Macon learns from a co-worker that she has a seven-year-old son, he attempts to cancel their dinner date, terrified of emotional involvement. His way of coping with the death of his son is by keeping his mind off of the issue.

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The Accidental Tourist Summary

He cooks coffee and eggs and pops popcorn in his bedroom for breakfast. Muriel taught Macon that the people he sees as unconventional are just people who know of no other way to carry on. Macon ignored this thought because his mind was open to understand the differences in others. Macon and Muriel soon become lovers, and Macon moves in with Muriel.

The impassiveness stuck with him into his adulthood. Muriel again starts training Edward. He felt awed by her, and diminished. He careened through foreign territories on a desperate kind of blitz—squinching his eyes shut and holding his breath…" 9. A year earlier, twelve-year-old Ethan Leary had gone to summer camp in Virginia.

As Macon drives, Sarah announces that she is leaving him. He always promised himself this wouldn't happen again, but somehow it always did. Charles wants to call the police to come shoot Edward. Macon advises him to ask Rose to put his office in order.

The fact that Edward, paralleled with Macon, is at the end of his rope and is all but rabid with the course of his life, needs a trainer, is a symbol of how Macon too was in need of a trainer; someone to help him sort out his emotions and learn to be obedient to something outside of himself and his id.

I could relate to Macon's social anxiety and that of his family's to dip their toes into the unfamiliar and how a woman who never seems to think further ahead than a minute challenges him to do just that.

This is a novel by and for mature adults that finds a wonderful balance between the melancholy of losing a child and long term spouse in the same year and the excitement of meeting someone new, with its awkwardness, miscommunication and urges to flee to the familiar.

Macon thinks Muriel is much too hard on Edward. He slunk away, looking back at her with a puzzled expression. Muriel just walked on, humming "Great Speckled Bird" as if nothing particular had happened. In short, he writes travel literature to make the traveling experience as close to the daily rituals that guide and stabilize people who are xenophobic, much like him.

Macon hated to travel. Jan 28,  · In the novel The Accidental Tourist, Macon decided, “ Who you are when you’re with someone may matter more than whether you love her.”1 Macon experienced contrasting detrimental relationships with his wife, Sarah, and his romantic interest, Muriel, which transformed his character and his overall outlook on life.

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Aug 11,  · Love is in the air--or maybe anxiously repressed--in February and my romantic literature jag concludes with The Accidental Tourist, the novel by Anne Tyler and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction that year. Like all of my reads in the shortest month of the year, this was my introduction to the author and I found much of Tyler's story to be an absolute delight/5.

Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist is a novel about pain, isolation, and the rebirth of the human spirit. Each character in Tyler’s novel has been broken by the world, especially Macon Leary.

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The Accidental Tourist Analysis

Macon Leary learns to cope with the murder of his twelve-year-old son and separation from his wife in Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist. With the assistance of Muriel, a flamboyant young dog.

An analysis of the macons logo on the accidental tourist books
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