The evolution of black hair

Black consumers wanted an easier way to duplicate their straight hair everyday rather than using a hot comb every time. There have been tremendous shifts in the ways our African ancestors cared for and styled their kinky textured hair.

Hair Evolution: 100 Years of Black Women and Hair

People still wore them, but they were not as popular as in the 60s and 70s. Celebrating black beauty in all its forms.

Still, there were multiple hair identity types under the umbrella of ethnically classified "black hair". If your hair needed treatment, then, you would also have to wear a Du-Rag to keep the hair in place so the treatment can do its job.

A lot of other trends was to do half up half down hairstyles, two ponytails and the rest down and different unique styles. Some of the examples of that include, a bun, a high ponytail and a half up and half down look.

The s As many of these styles remain popular today, the 90s inspired so much of fashion that we see in African American culture today. From box braids to Bantu knots with our curls, we can pull anything off.

What the Evolution of Black Hair Says About White America Today

From twists to braids to curly hair the options are endless. Brush curling The curls of this hairstyle form by winding the hair strands in overlapping curls through the use of a brush then the pins will hold it in place. But form the same fantastic effect. The s was a decade of cultural rebellion when it came to women.

Soft curls and updos were becoming more common. In some tribes, it represented a woman with loose moral; in another it represented insanity. Black hair has such an impact on society not only black women but on many other races and cultures today.

The Evolution of Black Hair in America

Named for Francois Marcel, 19th-century French hairdresser who invented the process in Because of this, the ends of locks were usually all that curled with the roots left sleek and straight so that the hair could sit underneath hats.

Cleopatra braids Cleopatra braids were eccentric and daring. Marcel waves The Marcel Wave, or Marcelle, is a stylish wave achieved by a special type of heated curling irons.

Many of these styles women rock today. Afro Puffs To make Afro puffs, women brushed their hair to the center of their heads and secured it in place with a cord or a comb.

Some styles included beaded accents to the cornrows. Pin curls and ringlet curls were also typical and presented in a very similar way as the Chignon.

African American hair stylists inspired by continental African designs of the era made these techniques famous in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Short cropped hair This was also a trendy style that could be worn as a wig or with natural hair.

On a cover of Jet Magazine, she rocked a traditional African style of cornrows that had a round pattern on her head. A variety of natural styles and locks also become more accepted. The s Aaliyah Bangs Aaliyah has inspired many looks, and during this time a look that many women wanted was the signature Aaliyah bangs.

We wear our unaltered, natural texture in various unique styles. Walker Metal hot combs, invented in by the French, are readily available in the United States. And which one are you going to rock next. These styles were usually curled either under in an asymmetrical bob or flipped upward.

Walker became the first black woman millionaire in the U.

What the Evolution of Black Hair Says About White America Today

There are several colors, styles, and lengths to choose from and the great thing about them is that if installed correctly, they look very natural. Feb 06,  · So since it's Black History month why not talk about our hair!

This is showing how our hair has changed and far far we've come as a people! I hope you enjoy! These issues have affected, whether we like it or not, more than just our hair esteem, but in the words of writer Karsten Ivey in an article he wrote called Combing the history of black hair, “It’s about self-esteem, identity, politics, economics, history and race.”.

There have been tremendous shifts in the ways our African ancestors cared for and styled their kinky textured hair--the evolution of Black Hair trends in America.

From Slavery Forward: The Evolution Of Black Men’s Hairstyles

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The Evolution of Black Hair in America

Here is a look back at some of the key events and people who shaped the black hair story. Europeans trade on the west coast of Africa with people wearing elaborate hairstyles, including locks. Black hair has its beginnings in incredibly tough circumstances. Taken to foreign lands and forced to submit to European standards of beauty, we've had incredible strain placed upon our hair to.

The evolution of black hair
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Hair Evolution: Years of Black Women and Hair